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This book inspires children to


and to get wild with their IMAGINATION!


Look inside the book

The story behind the book

Take a look and see what's inside this hand illustrated children's book. 

  • For ages 3 and up

  • Durable hard cover

  • 32 pages, full colour

  • 21 x 21cm (8 x 8 inches)

  • 4 pages for children to write their own stories 

Hi, I am Jess! I am a Landscape Architect who currently designs playgrounds in Adelaide however, I have always loved drawing and telling stories. This is my first children's book. I raised funds through Kickstarter to self-publish under the name Puddha Prints. 


The goal was to print locally at a carbon neutral printer. Watch this Kickstarter video to see the inspiration behind the book. 

It's  not what we see, but
how we see that matters most

Inspired by my niece Eva

eva question.jpg

Eco-Friendly Print


We need to live harmoniously with nature to ensure our children and grandchildren have a sustainable future.


This is why I have chosen to print in South Australia at a certified carbon neutral printer using vegetable based inks and FSC certified 100% recycled paper.

I was inspired to write this book after my

5 year old niece said to me:

"Did you know the sand is alive?"

This beautiful question helped me see the world through the eyes of a child. It revealed the true magic hidden around us every day where the trees like to sing and rain drops have races.


I want to help childen discover that through nature they can see magic in the world...and that they have the power to create imagination stories of their own.

  • Printed in Adelaide, South Australia

  • Certified carbon neutral printer

  • Printed on 100% recycled paper

  • Printed with soy-based compostable inks

  • Posted in recycled packaging with compostable labels

puddha prints VALUES.png

This book will help children

to see the magic in nature

eco friendly PRINT.png
Jess Book Launch.jpg

by Author and Illustrator 

Jessica Bennett

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10% of book proceeds will be donated to 

SEED - Australia’s first Indigenous youth climate network

We support their vision for a just and sustainable future with strong cultures and communities, powered by renewable energy.


We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the beautiful country on which we live. We are grateful to First Nations people for being custodians of the land for countless generations.

Donation   to charity

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...and meditating in the sun

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From the Heart

Inspiring Creativity

Eco Friendly

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